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Whether you are into online blogging or ecommerce, the must-have for any online business is traffic. Whether you are an eBay seller or you own a multi-million pound development company you will not make sales unless visitors are easily able to find your products online. Customers connect with businesses by entering related keywords into major search engines like Google. If you are on the second or third page of the results, this is simply not good enough as your competitors in the coveted spots at the top of the first page are the ones getting all the business.

If your website is not showing on the first page of Google when you enter your related keywords, you need the help of the best SEO services London has to offer.

We Make Your Site VISIBLE!
Making money with a website is not rocket science providing visitors to search engines can find it. As long as you offer a good service and your site is attractively designed to hold your visitor’s attention, you will find many of these visitors turn into customers.

The problem is that every year Google becomes smarter and business competition is fiercer. To get a site ranked high, it is imperative to stay on top of the Google algorithm changes and always be able to give the search engine giant exactly what is looking for.

Significant Facts:
• In Britain, more than 70% of the 62 million residents are online
• In 2010 over 12% of all retail sales were performed online. It is estimated this number will rise to over 40% by the year 2020
• By the end of 2012, only around 5% of UK businesses will not have an online presence

Numbers You Should Not Ignore
•    The hours consumers spend on ecommerce websites increases by almost 19% annually
•    Google deals with more than 70% of global searches, and this figure goes up to 90% on mobile devices

If you are not cashing in on this online spending phenomenon, is time to call in the best London SEO services. We have hundreds of clients who can testify we were able to take their previously invisible websites to the top of the Google search engine results. We have turned many businesses that were not making a penny online into successful profitable ventures.

Penguin and Panda Recovery
Was your sign de-ranked during the recent Penguin and Panda Google algorithm changes? During these updates, numerous business owners saw their websites plummet many pages down the results overnight; and the result was thousands of businesses have lost the major part of their income, and many have had to close.

A large percentage of these businesses were using SEO guys who simply did not know what they were doing, or who were taking shortcuts and applying black hat techniques. It is extremely important that you only leave the job of search engine optimisation to a professional company. Turning this over to a low-quality cheap SEO service can be a deadly move – it may result in your website being dropped from the Google index altogether.

Give the best SEO services London has to offer a call right now on 0203 322 2162 – and we will make Google take notice of your site and rank it at the top of the results where it should be.