Panda Recovery

The main thing a webmaster thinks about after being hit by a Google penalty, is removing links that maybe affecting his site negatively. Technically speaking, Google Panda and Penguin are an update to the algorithm, but for some reason people think that by simply removing “bad” back links either manually or by using the Google disavowal told, a site will recover. I wish it were that easy, but there is much more to Panda recovery than that.

The key to Panda recovery involves focusing on link building and methods that will entice other site owners to link to your content rather than simply removing bad back links. The truth is, you do not even need hundreds of good links pointing to your site. In most cases around 50 good incoming links is enough to get you on page 1, regardless of your niche.

When setting up a campaign for our clients, we design a strategy that will work even if Google takes a while to realise your site should be among the top results on the SERPs.

Firstly we create content for your site that is linkable. Information that people will link to without you having to promote it, or we will do a little promotion to get the ball rolling. In other words content that people willing to naturally because the information given is useful.

We also create content in lots of different formats to help to help your Panda recovery. These include:

  • PDFs which we upload to document sharing sites
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Images that people will share in the form of Infographics etc

Blogging strategies

When creating blog posts, your goal should be to attract your customers attention and to give them valuable information rather than trying to sell to them. A blog post is not an advertisement! If the search engines notice your visitors keep coming back you will be rewarded accordingly. You need to appeal to your audience and gain a loyal following through your blog. We can provide you with valuable shareable content and text comparison services.

During the process of Panda recovery it is also important to acquire links  from authoritative sites. Here we are talking about links that send you profitable traffic and build trust for your visitors. It goes without saying that if you have been mentioned in a post written by an influential person, this will help you with your sales.

Any links you build that are not achieving this objective are risky particularly when you are trying to recover from a Google slap. Never forget that 10 high-quality links are far better than 1000  links that come from questionable sources.

Our SEsO service can help you with your Panda recovery by employing the aforesaid tactics to recover your site and rankings. So get in touch with us today by calling, or filling out the contact form to find out more.